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Round 30: Featuring the stars of New Zealand: Garth Hogan and Grahame Berry's Capri, Guy Lim's Komotion Capri, Maurice Hipperson's Shady Lady II Capri, Max Baker's Maverick, Brett Wilson's Cobra II Capri/Mustang II, the Phillips & Lumb Panic Mustang, Gene Beaver's LA Hooker Mustang II, and Chris Lane's Phoenix Camaro (both on tour from America).

Garth Hogan is no doubt the best known racer in New Zealand history. He broke many barriers in New Zealand such as the 200 M.P.H. barrier, and the seven and five-second barriers. In the 1970s Hogan and his partner Grahame Berry built the first AA/FC in New Zealand. Berry built the chassis based on a Revell model. The Capri body was also made by the duo. They raced the car in Top Eliminator against dragsters and altereds.

Hogan and Berry raced a 392 Chrysler at first and later a 426 Chrysler in the Capri. Best times on the slick New Zealand tracks were a 7.18 at 200 with the 426 Chrysler. The Capri was raced through the 79 season. Hogan said the small 990 Enderle fuel pump held performances back.

A newer chassis was built in 1980 with the Condit Bros. Arrow body and a Donovan Hemi. Later in the decade, Hogan broke into the fives in Bill Carter's last dragster. Hogan now runs Pioneer Aero, a company that restores vintage airplanes. (Photo and info courtesy of Alan Ashton Photography; additional info courtesy of Garth Hogan)

Guy Lim is famous in New Zealand drag racing history. Lim raced the first true funny car in New Zealand. The "Komotion" Capri featured a Ford engine for power with carbs on top. It raced in the Comp altered classes. New Zealand did not have any classes for funny cars at that time. In 1979, Lim teamed with Roger Murray to run the "Half Breed" Capri funny car. Roger Murray had New Zealand's fastest T- Bucket prior to this car. The car was said to have a Boss 429 Hemi for power. The team ran the Capri as a BB/FC on alcohol in Top Eliminator. Guy Lim was the driver and Murray tuned. The "Half Breed" funny car only raced for one season in 1979. (Photo and info from Alan Ashton Photography)

Maurice Hipperson was the owner and driver of the "Shady Lady II" Capri funny car. The self-sponsored Hipperson ran an injected Chrysler Hemi in the Capri. The "Shady Lady II" was classified as a BB/FC. The car usually ran on gas or alcohol, but was said to run a nitro "load" every once in a while. The car on nitro was still at a disadvantage because of weight issues. It was not able to compete against the lighter dragsters or more powerful funny cars. Hipperson raced this car into the early eighties. (Photo and info courtesy of Alan Ashton Photography)

The late Max Baker was New Zealand's teenage phenom in the 1970s. The young racer was only 19 when he won the 1973 New Zealand Nationals in Top Eliminator. The win came in this 1970 Maverick funny car. The car was the first funny car to be imported from the United States. Spencer Black imported the car. The Maverick featured a big block Chevy on alcohol for power. This was enough power for the slick New Zealand tracks for most of the seventies. The Paton & Black Maverick raced until the end of the decade. (Photo and info courtesy of Alan Ashton Photography: additional info courtesy of Garth Hogan)

Brett Wilson joined the nitro funny car ranks in 1979 with the "Cobra II," a Capri bodied car reconfigured to look like a Mustang II.  Wilson bought the car from Garth Hogan. Wilson was such a Ford fanatic he used the permanent number 428. But Brett chose a Chrysler Hemi to power the "Cobra II" instead of a Ford. Wilson's funny car career was marked by frequent breakage. A new "Cobra III" Mustang (later renamed the "Sprit of New Zealand") was built to replace the Capri in 1981. Wilson was the first to break into sixes with a funny car in New Zealand. (Photo and info courtesy of Alan Ashton Photography; additional info from Garth Hogan)

The Australian team of Phillips & Lumb brought the "Panic" Mustang to New Zealand in the 1970s. "Nitro" Nick Harmon had raced the Mustang in the United States as the "California Shaker." Harmon sold the car to Graeme Cowin; it was Cowin's first funny car. Graeme sold the car to Bruce Phillips and John Lumb. It was reported that Lumb did a few burnouts in New Zealand without making any full passes. (Photo and info from Alan Ashton)

The "LA Hooker" and the "Phoenix" were the first American funny cars to visit New Zealand. Jim White drove the "LA Hooker" of Gene Beaver. Chris Lane drove the Joe Pierce tuned "Phoenix." The pair raced in Australia and at Champion Dragway in New Zealand. The high powered American cars had trouble hooking up on the track. Note the lack of concrete and build up of rubber. (Photo & info from Alan Ashton)

The "Phoenix" Camaro traveled far and wide. Chris Lane raced the car in United States, Australia, and New Zealand. The car was sold to Australian racer Bob Dunn after Lane's tour. Dunn got the car into the sixes. The car passed through several hands over the next twenty years. Les Ireland bought the car and brought it back to New Zealand. Ireland has repainted the car to its original "Phoenix" colors. (Photo & info courtesy of Alan Ashton)

Gene Beaver owned the LA Hooker Mustang II. Beaver had split with his cousins the Condit Bros. at this time. He used several people to drive during this time. Jim White of Tulsa, Oklahoma was the driver for one tour of Australia and New Zealand. In early 1978, Dale Pulde drove the car -- the ex Shady Glenn machine -- on tour in Australia and New Zealand. Dale ran the first six second runs in Australia, three 6.50s, and ran some 6.60s in New Zealand. The car was sold in to an Australian racer and became the "Syndicate." (Photo & info courtesy of Alan Ashton and Dale Pulde)

Danny White, Alan Ashton, and Garth Hogan

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